Woman Checking for Bad Breath

Do You Have Bad Breath?

Get treatment and see a dentist in Salinas, CA.

We all know that bad breath can be embarrassing socially, but it could be a symptom of more serious dental problems. It may be tempting to mask the issue with cover-ups such as chewing gum, breath mints, mouthwash, or other temporary fixes. However, if bad breath (AKA halitosis) is a continuing problem in your life, we highly recommend an evaluation to determine if an oral health issue is an underlying cause.

Possible Bad Breath Sources

Periodontal Disease

Bad breath may be a symptom of periodontal disease. These gum tissue infections are notoriously hard to treat and sometimes impossible to detect without professional assistance. You may notice sore, swollen, or bleeding gums, but other times, there are no symptoms at all.

Tooth Decay

If you have dental care that you have been putting off, your bad breath may be due to advanced tooth decay. The only way to treat this source is to address this problem directly.

Improper Hygiene

Other times, it may be a simple change to your brushing and flossing regimen to improve your overall oral health. These issues, we can detect during a dental check-up. One additional source of halitosis often overlooked is your tongue. Smelly bacteria can thrive on the tongue, just as much as your teeth. So, be sure to give your it the proper attention during brushing.

During your appointment, we can provide a recommendation for an appropriate daily oral rinse. You should avoid over-the-counter mouthwashes that include alcohol. While they may be pleasantly scented and provide a brief respite, they can dry out tissues in your mouth and inhibit saliva production. In turn, this can lead to more bad breath later in the day.