Man with a Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth? It’s A Dental Emergency

Why every broken tooth needs treatment as soon as possible.

When you suddenly break a tooth, it’s always a dental emergency. Sometimes your first inclination is to avoid treatment due to cost, lack of insurance, fear of the dentist, or other reasons. However, you may be risking more severe health consequences, such as putting yourself at risk for infection. Instead, come in and get your broken tooth treated as soon as possible. Call us at (831) 424-0303 to schedule an appointment.

When A Tooth Breaks…

When a tooth breaks, it may be completely unexpected, or something you’ve known for quite some time. Almost always, the tooth has had a cavity or tooth decay that has slowly gotten worse. Eventually, the tooth’s structural integrity weakens to the point which it can no longer withstand the pressure of biting and chewing. That’s why routine dental appointments are so crucial; so that we can catch these small problems before they develop into big ones.

After The Break

After the tooth breaks, there may be extreme pain and sensitivity. The jagged edges will also be more prone to trapping food debris and may make it difficult to brush and floss properly. Furthermore, and most importantly, the tooth is even more open to infection and health consequences.

Treatment Options

Get treatment for a cracked or broken tooth by visiting our office as soon as possible. If the tooth isn’t too severely damaged or infected, there are numerous treatment options to restore your bite and the beauty of your smile as well! A porcelain dental crown provides strength and durability for regular use. Minor chips and be repaired with cosmetic bonding. When an infection is present, we may recommend a root canal to treat, sterilize, and preserve the remaining tooth. For teeth that require extraction, we have replacement options such as dental bridges, partial dentures, or dental implants.

It’s never too late to get a full, healthy smile! Contact us today at (831) 424-0303.