Woman Smiling Bright

Have Confidence and Smile Wide!

Several aspects of the teeth, lips and mouth combine to create the overall aesthetic of a smile. The smile line should have a slight curve to the upper teeth, following the curve of the lower lip. The teeth themselves should not be crowded or have gaps, and men’s teeth are also slightly boxier, while woman’s teeth are smaller and more rounded. While much emphasis is placed on the color of teeth, there is more to it than just “the whiter the better.” Strong, healthy teeth reflect light through layers of dentin and enamel. They’re translucent and nearly blue at the edges with a hint of ivory closer to the gums.

Cosmetic Options are Available

  • Much can be accomplished with cosmetic bonding. This tooth-colored, natural-looking dental resin can fill in gaps and restore chipped and irregular teeth.
  • For brightening those dark corners visible only when you laugh, we can replace old silver fillings with tooth-colored composite or porcelain fillings.
  • In a hurry? Veneers offer dramatic results. Simply bonded to the front of the teeth, they cover stains and cracks the way wallpaper covers the stains and cracks on a wall. Crafted of translucent super-thin porcelain ceramic, veneers can contour a crooked smile and bridge the gap between teeth.
  • Are your gums too, well, gummy? Gum surgery can reshape them, correcting receding gumlines, making short teeth look longer, and adding symmetry to your smile. Soft tissue grafts can shorten long teeth, cover exposed roots and protect vulnerable roots from decay.
  • And, of course, teeth whitening is available for those who simply wish to brighten their smile.

A smile—the universal body language, understood in every country around the globe. It can communicate between generations, saying what words can never say. It can be sent even by those who cannot speak, received by those who cannot hear. In its many variations, it speaks love, friendship, joy, success, helpfulness, flirtation, acceptance, openness and much more.