Dental Implant Illustration

Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth

For Single Teeth, Dentures, and Everything in Between

If you have missing or failing teeth, there are many replacement options available. Bridges, crowns, dentures, and partials are all viable options. Still, nothing comes close to the strength and durability of dental implants to support the restoration.

Implants are extremely strong. They are anchored firmly into the jaw bone, just like the roots of your natural teeth. In this way, implants provide us dentists a sturdy foundation to mount any manner of tooth replacement. A single implant can support a single missing tooth or even several surrounding teeth. Additionally, dental implants are perfect for securing dentures, the traditional replacement option for the entire arch of teeth.

For denture wearers, implants are a real game-changer. Especially for those whose dentures slip or are just plain painful, getting dental implants provides the ultimate comfort and stability. There’s no more avoiding difficult-to-eat foods or worrying about denture paste or bonding strips. The removable dentures simply fit into place by attaching to the ultra-strong titanium implants.

During an implant consultation, we can discuss if they are right for you and any other questions you might have. We may also require additional X-rays to evaluate bone density and determined precise implant placement.

As well as the functional benefits, getting new dental implants can provide a complete rejuvenation to your appearance. The only thing you’ll wonder is why you waited so long! For more information on implants, or to schedule a consultation with our team, please contact us by calling (831) 424-0303.