Partial DenturesWhen it comes to replacing a missing tooth, several factors determine what treatment option will be best for each individual.

Sometimes a patient is missing just a single tooth (or very few teeth) and aren’t ready for dental implants or dentures. Sometimes the gums and underlying bone are too weak to support an implant, or need time to heal before it’s placed. And, unfortunately, sometimes insurance and financing options are limiting factors.

In cases such as these, the best option is often a removable partial denture, often called a “flipper” denture, or referred to as a removable bridge.

Created in much the same way as a retainer used after orthodontic treatment, a removable partial uses an acrylic plastic mold of your mouth, fitted with a wire framework that clasps to teeth for a sturdy fit. A replacement tooth is then fixed to the partial in the exact position of your missing tooth, and it’s all done!

Removable partial dentures are designed to be used normally for eating, so you shouldn’t notice any discomfort or slipping, although soft foods are recommended until you become more accustomed to the feel. One distinct advantage of a partial denture is that it is easily removable for convenient cleaning.

We understand the embarrassment that can come from missing teeth, so please contact us for a consultation to determine what treatment is best for you!