Sleep Apnea Snoring

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Salinas, CA

If either you or a loved one snore while sleeping, it might be a symptom of a more serious problem called sleep apnea.

In short, sleep apnea affects the way we breathe during sleep. It can significantly diminish the quality of sleep (and indeed, the quality of life during the daytime). Even if you get this whole 8+ hours, you may wake up feeling groggy. That’s because subconsciously, your brain is constantly being awoken in a panic due to the lack of proper airflow, thereby robbing you of the restful, restorative REM sleep. The worst part is you may not even be aware this is occurring since you don’t wake up completely.

What causes it?

The most common variety of the condition is very treatable, and it’s called obstructive sleep apnea. The problem occurs when the soft tissues in the back of the throat relax and obstruct the airway. This obstruction is what causes the stereotypical snoring sound, which very often accompanies sleep apnea.

Many people use breathing assist devices during the night to treat the condition, such as a CPAP machine. However, they often find it so uncomfortable that it’s just not a viable option. Alternatively, another effective treatment is available through a dentist’s office. With a specially constructed night guard molded to fit your teeth perfectly, the lower jaw is held in a forward position, thereby opening up the airway. It’s a simple yet effective way to address the condition at its source.

If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis but cannot use the CPAP, a sleep apnea night guard might be for you!