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You can overcome it, and we’ll help you do it!

Can’t bring yourself to schedule that next appointment? You may be busy, you may be a born procrastinator, or you may suffer from unwarranted dental fear. If so, you’re not alone… millions stay away each year for just that reason.

Everyone in our practice understands dental fear, and we’re trained in forming good relationships with fearful patients. So if you’re feeling apprehensive, speak up. We’ll listen to your needs and work with you to ensure your comfort. We can establish a signal, such as a raised hand, for you to use when you want a pause. Techniques such as distraction, simple suggestion, and relaxation exercises are also helpful.

Tips for Dealing with Dental Fear

Before your appointment:

  • Avoid caffeine. It can leave you jittery for six hours.
  • Try a little exercise—good for three hours of relaxation.
  • Bring headphones (or borrow some of ours) to soothe your nerves with calming music.
  • Bolster your spirits with positive self-talk. Tell yourself, “I can handle this,” and remember times when you have coped with tough situations.

You can handle it, and we’ll help you do it!