Woman with Dentures

Get Dentures in Salinas, CA

Do you have missing or failing teeth?

Most people know what dentures are, but most people who might need them aren’t quite sure if it’s for them. Perhaps they’re worried that they will slip out of place or be uncomfortable. Or perhaps they’re not sure their remaining teeth are bad enough to warrant making the switch. Whatever your concern, we can answer these questions and more when you schedule a consultation. Call us today at (831) 424-0303.

Dentures are an artificial replacement for missing or failing teeth. They are not an ideal solution for everyone, but they can provide the strength and stability you want for improved eating and chewing. Additionally, they can improve your overall appearance in several ways. Everybody knows that having gaps in your smile from missing teeth can be a real detriment to your look. Furthermore, missing teeth can cause your lips and face to have a sunken or saggy appearance. So getting dentures can absolutely restore a fuller, healthier, and more youthful-looking face.

When deciding to get dentures and receiving a consultation, there’s a lot to consider. What is the current condition of your teeth? Are they healthy enough to survive in the long term? What are the goals for your oral health, and what are the best options for achieving them?

With an evaluation (which may include an updated set of dental X-rays), you can receive answers to all these questions, and we’ll determine if dentures are right for you. Other tooth replacement options we may consider include crowns, bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants.