Man Happy with His Smile

Get a Smile Makeover

And find out what cosmetic dentistry can do for you!

It’s a pleasure to see: good looks are all around us. Cosmetic dentistry has contributed in a big way to the success of models and movie stars and, better yet, to the self-esteem of everyday people. From the grocery clerk to the grandmother next door, everyone can benefit from fine-tuning their smile!

For two reasons. Cosmetic procedures are generally conservative. That is, removal of healthy enamel during treatment is slight. Second, good looks don’t cost an arm and a leg!

Whitening, bonding, and contouring teeth are quick, easy on you, and fairly inexpensive. Porcelain veneers transform your most visible front teeth. A lot of folks are opting to exchange old amalgam fillings for tooth-colored replacements. Even a new denture gives you a stronger profile. You have all kinds of options available to you.

Notice the people around you who are proud of their teeth. They smile more often because great teeth build self-confidence. So take advantage of cosmetic dentistry. For yourself… and those you care about.

Smile Science 101

What goes into making a sensational smile?

  • The Smile Line – In youthful smiles, the curve of the upper teeth follows the curve of the lower lip.
  • Tooth Shape – The goal is to create natural, uncrowded rows of teeth. A man’s teeth are slightly boxier, while a woman’s teeth are smaller and more rounded.
  • Color – Beautiful teeth are always a more complex color than chalk white. Strong, healthy teeth reflect light through layers of dentin and enamel. They’re translucent and nearly blue at the edges with a hint of ivory closer to the gums.