Dental ExamBarring injury, your sturdy white teeth should remain healthy and intact for the rest of your life. But just like your car’s engine, which needs its regular oil & lube to keep purring smoothly, your mouth needs a thorough once-over as well. We’ll review your dental history, clean your teeth, evaluate gum tissue, and screen for oral cancer.

This will ensure that teeth and gum problems are discovered early and nipped in the bud.

Some people naturally create more plaque and develop more cavities than others. We’ll let you know during your checkup, and help identify the potential “problem” areas.

And It’s not just your teeth at risk any more. We now know that gum disease can be linked to chronic infection. This condition can cause you a higher risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and even premature, low birth-weight babies.

Take the steps to improve and maintain your oral health! Call now for an appointment!