Dentist Appointment

Make time for your T.L.C.

That’s Tender Loving Checkup! Routine, regular examinations let us catch tooth decay and periodontal disease before they cause major damage to your teeth… and saves you the added expense and discomfort of more complex dental treatment.

For most of our patients we recommend a checkup every six months, but there’s nothing “magic” about that interval. Some need cleanings more frequently while others may not need to come in so often. Some mouths build up more tartar than others while some are just naturally more decay-prone. Still others experience more periodontal problems. Depending on your situation, we may recommend three dental visits a year, or possibly even quarterly.

Insurance plans also tend to believe in this mythical “average patient” and may not pay for more than a biannual visit. But know that our office bases our recommendations on what’s best for your individual dental health, not on some statistical average.

We hope you’ll call whenever you have questions regarding your treatment. Our goal is your optimum dental health.

Don’t neglect your Tender Loving Checkup!