Confident Woman Smiling

Do Looks Affect the Way People Treat You?

Positive self-esteem—how we feel about ourselves—is important to a healthy personality, the development of a positive attitude about life, and to achievement in the direction we choose. It is well documented that people with a positive “feeling” about themselves do better in school, in business, and have closer, more meaningful relationships.

One measure of self-esteem is how you feel about your physical appearance; or, more importantly, how you feel you look to others. The complexion, teeth, and nose, in that order, are ranked as the most “important” facial features.

Beauty is often more than skin deep, but the psychological damage to a person who feels unattractive can be devastating. Good-looking persons are often given the benefit of the doubt; they’re thought to be more intelligent, more likable, higher achievers, more honest, and braver.

So, it’s easy to see how your teeth and smile can be an important part of your total physical and mental well-being. Is it worth the regular checkups and cleanings? Is restoring broken, ugly front teeth with beautiful crowns worth it? Is straightening crooked teeth worth it? We think you’ll agree, you and your family are definitely worth it!