2016 New YearA new year, a blank page. For most, it’s the perfect opportunity to make Resolutions.

Nobody ever resolves “to feel guilty after failing to keep resolutions.” Yet that’s the one we actually keep!

How to avoid making this resolution business an empty self-promise? How about narrowing it to just one? Make it something you CAN achieve and, most importantly, WANT to achieve. Psychological researchers find resolutions pan out when motivation comes from within instead of without (“my spouse wants me to lose weight”). Then try to nourish those good intentions by connecting them to things you’re already doing right.

Where your teeth are concerned, these resolutions are easy to keep—and dentally rewarding to boot:

  1. Brush right after the last meal of the day!
  2. Use tools (especially scissors!) instead of your teeth!
  3. Popcorn’s a healthful snack—but watch every handful for unpopped kernels. Lay off crushing ice cubes with molars.
  4. Wear a mouthguard out on the football field or hockey rink—every time!