Dental Exam GlovesYou may have noticed that whenever we work inside your mouth (or touch something that will be going into your mouth) we will ALWAYS be wearing medical gloves to prevent contamination.

Keeping Germs Out

The subject of sterilization is more important than ever as we become more aware of the various communicable diseases that can be transmitted in the environment of a dental office.

You may well ask if we wear gloves and masks to protect us from disease patients may carry. The truth is that it’s a two way street—we wear gloves and masks to protect both you and our team. Everyone has a vested interest in staying healthy and disease-free, so it’s important that all the proper precautions are being made.

What we’re doing:

  • We use the very latest methods to sterilize our instruments. We’ve sought out devices to monitor the effectiveness of our autoclave, a steam-heated sterilization unit.
  • We use as many disposable items as possible, greatly decreasing the chances of cross-contamination. And team members are always meticulously cleaning trays and counters.

What’s with the gloves? We’re doing more than just “following protocol,” we’re protecting your health as well! After all, none of the exciting advances in dentistry would count for much if they didn’t contribute to your overall health.