Glasses of Soda

Why Skip Soda?

If you are working toward becoming healthier, there’s one simple change that will significantly benefit your overall health and your dental health as well. That is to skip drinking soda.

Because of Sugar

Whether you call it soda, soft drinks, cola, coke, pop, or any other name, it’s all terrible for you. And the main reason is the high sugar content. Almost all sodas are incredibly high in sugar, which of course, fuels bacteria and tooth decay in your mouth. The average can of soda contains as much as 38 grams of sugar or the equivalent of about nine teaspoons. (And most of the popular energy drinks are equally as bad and packed with sugar.)

Because of Acidity

And unfortunately, one of the things people like about soda also contributes to its harmful effects on teeth. That factor is carbonation. While we all might enjoy the fizzy Sensations bubbles tingling throughout your mouth, the process of carbonation results in an elevated level of carbonic acid. This acidity, combined with the already high sugar content, is a double punch to your teeth. Acid levels will weaken your tooth enamel, leaving them more vulnerable to bacteria and decay. Even sparkling water or tonic water, lower in sugar or even sugar-free, has a slightly acidic level on the pH scale.

In conclusion, the healthiest beverage choice, and the one that hydrates you the best, is always water. If you indulge yourself with a soft drink, at least rinse your mouth out with water afterward to remove the sugary residue. But our best recommendation is: do your teeth and your body a favor by skipping soda altogether!